“Don’t marry a Muslim”

such a poignant story.. read even the comments below, really interesting

Sumedh Natu

My grandmother slit her wrists today.

To assure the inquisitive, prying world it had nothing to do with the inner politics of the family, I was asked to stick to the discussed story that she found out she had an incurable injury. The truth is she couldn’t handle the apparent shame my actions in the past two months had brought our prestigious family name.

Everyone in India barks about tradition. They say our country stands tall on an intellectual platform because we’ve been following a social structure that’s been untouched for centuries. One of the core ideas behind this structure is absolute obedience towards elders. The logic is easy enough to understand. They have more experience. The possibility of them making the right decision in a dilemma is higher. Tradition, I have been told is the platform for a good family life.

Except that I flouted this rule.

I fell…

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” I am the only…

” I am the only consistent person in my life..So better i like myself, i love myself and realize that I am as beautiful as anyone else, am worthy and deserving of all the happiness and good things in life..”

I was watching a video and came across this one and i was wow this is something we really need to understand and believe in.. We are good the way we are and be happy and compliment ourselves everyday so that we are not too embarassed when we receive a compliment and can just accept it graciously..

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